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Aspiring Performing Arts dancers are required to be enrolled in both summer sessions. We realize you may have to be absent some due to vacations, but please try to attend class as much as possible. All potential team members will need to take Ballet, Turns and Leaps, and a class in each style (Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Hip Hop) they plan to audition for. Dancers ages 13 and up must also attend one fitness class per week (Allegro Barre or Buti Yoga). THE HARDER YOU WORK OVER THE SUMMER, THE BETTER YOUR CHANCES OF MAKING THE TEAM!


Each member of the Performing Arts team will be selected by auditioning. The styles of dance they can audition for are Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, and Lyrical. The number and style of routines given to each team level will be determined after auditions. Dancers will be evaluated and scored by qualified judges on their technique, style, showmanship, and discipline. The audition fee is $20.00, and this fee must be paid by the audition date. Auditions will be held at the studio on Friday, August 4th, time TBA. Dancers who pass the audition will be placed on either the Mini, Junior, or Senior team based on their age, skill level, and number of dancers auditioning. You must attend the audition in order to be considered for the team. Please let Lesley know ASAP if you have a conflict with the audition date so we can schedule a makeup.

FALL CLASS REQUIREMENTS (Classes Begin Monday, August 7th)

Below are the class requirements broken down by each team level. Please keep in mind that these levels are subject to change for a number of reasons, but we plan to have three teams this year. Taking more than the required amount of classes is strongly encouraged and will help dancers progress much faster.

MINI TEAM (Must be at least 7 years old. This group will have 1-2 routines)
Mini PA Block (this is where you will practice the Mini team routines)
Mini PA Technique
Ballet (a teacher will place you in the appropriate level)
One additional class in the style of your choosing (Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Hip Hop)
Those who compete in tap must choose tap as one of their additional classes.

JUNIOR TEAM (Must be at least 10 years old. This group will have 2-3 routines)
Junior PA Block (this is where you will practice the Junior team routines)
Junior PA Technique
Ballet (a teacher will place you in the appropriate level)
Two additional classes in the style of your choosing (Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Hip Hop)
Those who compete in tap must choose tap as one of their additional classes.

SENIOR TEAM (Must be at least 12 years old. This group will have 2-4 routines)
Senior PA Block (this is where you will practice the Senior team routines)
Senior PA Technique
Ballet (a teacher will place you in the appropriate level)
Three additional classes in the style of your choosing (Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Allegro Barre, Buti Yoga, or Pointe if eligible)
Those who compete in tap must choose tap as one of their additional classes.

*PA PRODUCTION: All team members in all levels will learn a routine together in this class. It is not required that you participate in this class, but it is rare that someone chooses to opt out. Production cannot be counted as one of your additional classes.


Performing Arts team members are required to participate in a weekend camp at the studio in which they will learn most of their choreography for competition season. The tentative dates for the camps are August 19-20 and August 26-27. Please let us know ASAP if you have scheduling conflicts with these dates. We are flexible and don't mind to work around people's schedules as long as we are notified ahead of time. If you do not attend these camps, you will lose your spot on the team.


A Performing Arts dancer is allowed to be absent 5 times per year beginning in the fall in PA Block and PA Production. Repeated absences by the same dancers in these classes make it very difficult for the teachers to set choreography on the team. It is also unfair for the students who do attend class regularly to be dragged down by unmotivated team members or those who participate in too many activities and thus miss class often. After the fifth absence in PA Block and Production, dancers will be fined $30.00 for each additional absence. All fines are put into the competition fund which is used for incidental expenses for the group at the discretion of the director. We do understand that school comes before dance, and that sometimes dancers get sick or injured. That being said, you have made a commitment to this team. Dancers who are injured or not feeling well may still come to class and observe to avoid getting an absence, but please do not come to class if you are contagious. Providing school permission slips and doctor’s notes is necessary if a dancer is to receive an excused absence.

Dancer of the Week: Those selected as "Dancer of the Week" will get an excused absence. More information about how a dancer is chosen as "Dancer of the Week" can be found on the last page of this handbook.


Performing Arts dancers will be required to do a minimum of 3 regional competitions a year between the months of February and May. Please keep your schedules open during that time frame. Competition dates are subject to change for a number of reasons, so please be prepared to adjust to a new schedule if necessary. Competitions will be selected in the fall, and we are willing to work around school related scheduling conflicts as long as we are notified before competitions are chosen. Vacations planned during competition season will not be considered as scheduling conflicts, but don't worry; we do not plan competitions during Spring Break. Most if not all of the competitions will be out of town, but we do not normally travel more than a couple of hours away. Additional rehearsals will be called as the competitions approach, and all of these rehearsals are mandatory. It is also mandatory that dancers attend all of their PA classes the week prior to a competition (PA Block, Production, and Technique). Missing PA classes the week prior to a competition and/or any mandatory rehearsals called prior to a competition will result in a $30.00 fine, and you will not be allowed to participate in the next competition or performance.


We will give you an opportunity to train with professional teachers and performers at workshops which allow you a better understanding of what it takes to be a professional dancer. Workshops are meant to expose dancers to different styles of dance and choreography and challenge them to think outside the box. Being exposed to different teaching styles helps dancers better understand their technique. Attendance at the designated workshops is mandatory.

The Performing Arts Team is comprised of the most advanced dancers in the studio so we want them to represent us whenever we are invited to perform at local events. Performing Arts dancers must be available for community performances throughout the year, in addition to the studio's Christmas and Spring Recitals. These performances include but are not limited to: Renaissance Faire, Christmas Parade, Sugar Plum Market, First Fridays, etc. We will notify you of upcoming performances as early as possible so you can mark your calendars. Failure to attend workshops and community performances will result in a $30.00 fine.


Each dancer’s family is responsible for his or her expenses for the year, including tuition, team wear, competition entry fees, workshop fees, costumes, as well as travel, lodging, and food expenses. Entry fees vary depending on the competition, but they are usually around $40 per group number. There is also a studio fee of $50 per competition to cover the expenses of the teachers travelling with the team ($75 for families with more than one dancer on the team). Because it is our goal to give you plenty of time to prepare for upcoming expenses, bills will go out 3-4 weeks prior to the payment deadline. However, a late fee of $10.00 will be added if payment is not received by the due date. A dancer will not be allowed to compete if accounts are not paid in full by the competition date.

SAMPLE TIMELINE OF EXPENSES: (this is a rough estimation)
September: PA Team wear will be ordered
October/November: PA Costumes will be ordered
January: Recital costumes and PA accessories will be ordered
February: Entry fees for 1st Competition
March: Entry fees for 2nd Competition
April: Entry fees for 3rd Competition
May: Opening Number costumes, final payments due for props and last minute accessories ordered for competition and recital.


All team members will have a mailbox in the office. They will need to check this box every time they come to the studio to look for handouts. We also e-mail everything we put in the mailbox, so be sure to check your e-mail daily to keep up with the latest studio news. We work extremely hard to put together handouts and send them out in various formats, and we would really appreciate it if you would take the time to read them and mark your calendars with any dates given.

Team members will be given assigned shelf space so they can keep their dance shoes and accessories here at the studio. Please purchase them a box or cubby to keep their belongings in. We do not allow them to keep food in their cubbies, and we expect them to keep their area neat and tidy. If they cannot follow these rules, they will no longer be allowed to have a cubby at the studio.

Each dancer PA will be required to complete a cleaning chart once per week to help keep the dancer lounge neat and tidy. Miss Lesley will assign cleaning duties once fall classes begin.

Dancer of the week: This is something we do to reward dancers on the team who have worked hard in class, followed the rules, and set a good example for others. We feature these students in the front lobby of the studio and on our social media pages. We also reward them with a free absence in a Performing Arts class. However, in order to be considered for dancer of the week a dancer must have attended all of the classes in which they are enrolled during the current week, and they must comply with the studio's dress code every time they are here for class. Dancers who do not meet these requirements will not be considered for dancer of the week.

It is an honor to be chosen as a member of the Performing Arts Team. We want you to have a great year filled with hard work, fun, and accomplishment!